Why me

The One Man Band's tale


Hey there! How is your day going?

I'm Steve, the one man band videographer. I do animations, 3D visualizations, motion graphics, filming and editing: the whole deal!

Many businesses would like to have high quality web videos but the costs of hiring a studio are often too high. Being a one-man band operation, I can cut the cost and pass the savings on to you. No fancy office here, no middleman, no sales person harassing you with calls...

It's just you and me, so there is less "white noise" in any communication, which means a faster and more efficient process.

I bring to the table my 6 years+ of experience and my state of the art equipment to make sure  you have the best web video possible for your business. I’m honest, professional and upfront with quotes and costs. Let's work together!


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    Want to talk about what I do? Your idea for a video project? Your great website and what's missing? Give me a call and let's have a chat!

    Name: Steve Rowland
    Phone: 0401536162
    Address: St Kilda, Melbourne

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