How it all works

So you are thinking of working with me? Great!

Here is a little overview of how things will move from here to make things easier:

1. Call or email me to arrange a meeting. I will come to your venue and we can discuss your video idea or I can suggest a few options
Once we have a concept, I will email you a creative brief for you to fill up. (Don't worry! It's just a page and mostly ticking on boxes). The creative brief is what I'll be using to guide me through the video so make sure you know what you want! It ask questions such as the tone (uplifting, peaceful, energetic...), possible colours, animation choices when required, filming scenes, choice of images when required...
After the creative brief, I will send you an overview of how the video will be set up for you to approve as well as asking you for the files I need (logo, images and text)Then, I get to work! videoing, editing, animating... fun! If I need to come in to film your venue, we will schedule a meeting when it's more convenient for you and your staff.
Once the first draft is done, I will send it to you for approval. The starter packages only include one set of changes so be sure to think if you like the video how it is (yay!) or what do you want changed.
If there are no changes, then I will upload the video to your selected Youtube/Vimeo account or give you a DVD copy of it. Ta da! All done!
If there are more changes, I'll get to them as fast as possible and send you a 2nd draft  for your approval. Custom work includes as many changes as you like but starter packages only include the first set of changes, more changes can be made at a cost of $50 per hour. Once you are happy, back to step 7![/one_fourth _last]




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    Name: Steve Rowland
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    Address: St Kilda, Melbourne

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