Terms and Conditions


  • Starter packages are based on the client's requirements compiled on the creative brief. The client is responsible for filling the creative brief clearly and thoroughly. This will ensure a speedy and accurate delivery.
  • The client must provide logo, images, text and any other component needed (aside of the footage).
  • The starter packages include a choice between three royalty-free tunes specially selected for that video. Commercial tunes and songs are not included. If the client doesn't like any of the tunes selected, new searches for more tunes/songs will be charged at $20 in sets of three choices.
  • The starter packages include only one set of changes after the first draft is given to the client. Extra changes will be charged per hour at a rate of $50ph.
  • A deposit of 50% will be needed to secure any of the starter packages.



Acceptance of Terms

When you access this website, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to abide by the terms described below.

No Warranty

While I will attempt to provide accurate information on this website, I assumes no responsibility for accuracy and may change the information on the site, or the products mentioned, at any time without notice.


The entire site of OneManBandVideo.com is the sole property of Steve Rowland and it is protected under applicable copyrights. Under no circumstances may the site be reproduced, re-used or redistributed for any purposes whatsoever without written permission from Steve Rowland, sole trader.

Electronic Storage

All current video twork is stored on the One Man Band Video server. On completion of a project the artwork is archived onto DVD and stored off site. Charges will apply if work is required to be retrieved from archive.


Airfares and accommodation required to visit interstate or international destinations for or on behalf of a clients will be billed at cost in addition to my quoted fees.


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